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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this week's top stories on our t.v. . later is leaving it off in libya saying its mission is down but the new government is concerned it won't be able to control the heavily armed population that's left behind. the latest sign up a massive deal to save the euro zone critics certainly see it as another did they try to limit its answer to. america's anti corporate protests or to suffer the snowstorms of police pressure new york to california hundreds of arrested and critically injured. last night to remember russia's legendary both so i think reopens after a six year expense a patient with an exclusive brand down. here
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watching r.t. and our weekly interview welcome to the program carrie just now this week saw nato officially announce the end of its aerial campaign in libya starting from next month the country's interim leadership will take control of all security responsibilities also tasked with me building the country as well as preventing gadhafi era military stockpiles falling into the wrong hands a tall order a nation flooded with weapons and sonali reports. the war is over but the weapons are fully loaded. human rights watch has expressed grave concern about leftover are in libya their number one fear warehouses thought to hold ground to air missiles which could in the wrong hands take down passenger aircraft it's through mates or our nato allies in the region which these weapons have been flooding libya and also libya is quite
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a world country anyway the population has has quite a lot of light weapons in its possession and those light weapons are becoming a heavy burden on the national transitional council now relying on an army of former rebels for security we try to control the bins i would check if there is somebody who has worked and we ask him if he has authorization for this we are not. going. to point have been set up across tripoli to check that those carrying weapons have proper documentation and those who do have the paperwork are being called on by the national transition committee to return their arms the question now is what if they don't and what does that mean up for pulse picked up the libya and its stability and now as you can see is being secured here everything is under control and the only would think that we will make some mechanism how to give weapons could we see something very different i asked this
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head commander what the plan is to disarm the population and. i swear i don't know if you do. you know that assure us that we have some of the cdrom and when the. right and a makeshift arms collection center that covers one neighborhood in the capital we are shown this. to these other weapons people brought to me today not many. walk down one block in tripoli and you'll see twice as many firearms. so you know how many weapons there are in libya i can dislike them so we've been sitting here i think everybody have. something the flood of arms in the country could spell disaster ahead in the vacuum after gadhafi impulse to revolt chaos as groups find out vicious battles from power. what you have now in
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libya in schools or armed factions who have no respect for each other and who have no respect from a true actually i believe opportunistically used may to achieve some aims and nato has been foolish enough to go along with this so i think what we're going to see now is a intensification of the civil war between increasingly the factions were overthrown by the gadhafi regime with many libyans not yet ready to say a farewell to arms the empty sea which could only be good daffyd with nato help is now asking the alliance to continue its mission a vivid indication of just how unstable the country is and he's now a r t tripoli. now that nato is wrapping up in libya but organizations chief describe your peroration is one of the most successful in the advances history but one eyewitness to the nato bombing in libya only seen says it was death and
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a vision to his country. they used every possible thing to do to make this so-called revolution successful they used gunships. helicopters they used fighter is all sorts of weapons that they had this was so they can. make this successful kill so many people through to succeed in this operation which i i don't think it's a success because if it was a success really he would have been so happy about it i doubt that very much there's a big divide in libya there is a huge gap now between libyans. i mean parts partially because of interference partially because of let's be
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honest and say partially because of gadhafi. but but the way they killed gadhafi the way they treated him the way they bombed my city you. have a lot of civilians inside it who were killed as well i mean this just. generates anger and generates revenge. which which is in the future will be the fuel of another war in libya which i think it will be sooner or later. but it's thought colonel gadhafi is most influential son saif al islam that's fair to him is there apparently looking to hang themselves over the international criminal court he's reportedly used a spokesperson to make contact with the hague to deny charges of crimes against humanity some experts believe that with google his son on trial is the last thing some western leaders want to see. i bet it explains. to some
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market there for he was a man too much at secrets which will supposedly be buried with him i think that there were tremendous sighs of relief all over capitol also in western europe this is somebody who cut all sorts of deals with the french the british and the italians and to some extent the americans as well i think they did not want him put on trial for any reason and i am not misled is that surprised that he was captured alive if you really quickly ended up there could have easily turn from diplomatic a tsar was spectacular hugs handshakes and kisses from the heads of countries which denounced him back he's now silenced but the suspicion around those who laid out the welcome mat is far from buried could go on for years more to his group three seasons with him but the. deal with him is constant who goes with it wish all
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will go away obviously because that this uncertain situation was mission probably grew. into a situation where the liberals were hoover and then british prime minister tony blair was instrumental in good effie's rehabilitation bringing him in from the cold in two thousand and seven play didn't lead in the handed trade between them flourished so did the cozy relationship it was six more secret meetings after blair left office his people denying they were about to. leasing the comma apple basket on the ground he would lose its lucrative libyan deals i regret myself enormously that cuba he was put should he should have been said to the international criminal court put all the trial forced all it's a question through all the terrible things he did and if it cabbage the contemporary world previous regime is tough and we need to
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know. what he's done. with. some details of the murky dealings have already emerged claiming the reputation of one of britain's leading universities the london school of economics agreed a contract to get out the regime worth over two million pounds to educate hundreds its future civil servants the director was forced to resign and now the university of tripoli is demanding the money back french leader nicolas sarkozy was never shy in creating a daffy even letting him pitch his tent in the alley safe palace apparently for bankrolling sarkozy's path to the presidency so says this man they want you could still tell all that was here they were had sarkozy must give back the money he took from libya to finance his electoral campaign we funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. saif al islam gadhafi son and
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key right hand man reportedly ready to surrender to the war crimes court site is going to have low information and i think we're so you've heard tony blair intervene for and help him get his dodgy ph d. degree from the london school of economics when that agree apparently was plagiarized there's a lot of things that have gone on so you knows about sartre daffy's wanted to answer for his own actions in libya is drawn out battle for control but it's what he could reveal about the diplomatic deals with his father is keeping the western power plays sweating our bennett our team london. in his first interview with the western media since syria's uprising began a sad set of actions against his regime can transform syria into another afghanistan but his comments came after the u.n. secretary general once again condemned the country's violence calling repression to end the arab league also to end this libyan death toll more than three thousand
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killed in rest since march arab ministers are due to meet syrian officials later today to press for dialogue between the government and opposition some protesters have been calling for a no fly zone over the country and aerial support. but this isn't a syrian writer and some campaign. thinks the majority of the population doesn't want a military solution to the crisis. were against military intervention whether today tomorrow or in ten years' time even if the regime is to ny late everyone of us would still be against military intervention we fight for freedom and we don't want to add external slavery to our domestic what we don't want it to become a part of the struggle between the international and internal forces syrians are peaceful they want to progress under conditions of freedom and development and they don't want to turn into a concentration camp a polygon for larger countries. still ahead this hour social unrest against
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inequality. thousands of israelis are back on the streets protesting the government spending they say they're not getting enough the military is getting too much. of a battle with the leaks website forced to suspend its activities all the details on these stories in just a few minutes. e.u. leaders reached a long awaited deal on thursday to try and save greece and the euro zone from collapse include writing off fifty percent of greek debt capitalizing european banks so they can cope with any future losses and expanding the bailout fund to one truly europe after the summit in brussels french president nicolas sarkozy said allowing greece to join the euro ten years ago was a mistake whatever you rescue rose to address the problem. failed runs to belgium's leading business magazines. it's just buying time and this is really not the brazuca everybody has been asking for i wouldn't grab it as
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a water pistol this of course prevents for the moment that we really get to a kind of loosen a thing as collation of the greek at that level which is now growing in the direction of the eighty percent of the clique but you cannot call this a structural resolution to the difference in greek problems they are a little bit afraid to really bite the bullet here because if you look at it closely there is only one solution for greece any truth had been put on the table already several months ago that is for greece to leave the eurozone but that is a decision everybody's afraid of and what has for example not been discussed now but which is very much on the mind of several of the european leaders is that there is a huge problem brewing in portugal because this country is going down to greet the greek road quite rapidly now so if one does the action today on greece one immediately has to put a similar kind of action in proper even with respect the board to go. to the u.s.
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now where police in denver have moved into the camp of the occupy wall street protesters arresting those who refuse to leave it comes just hours after a massive standoff that saw pepper spray and tear gas fired into the crowd but this footage you can see here is dispersing a crowd of activists in while in the states of tennessee and california more than fifty people were arrested and squads swept through their camps and bring tents tables and other belongings and movement has already been tested by snowstorms in colorado harsh conditions expected to hit america's east coast best is in new york getting ready to withstand blizzards of local authorities stripped of their power supplies but it's going to ports me there rests all the upcoming winter are lucky to shake their determination. the peaceful nationwide movement turned violent overnight in oakland. police attacked protesters with
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tear gas stun grenades. flash bombs and rubber bullets we had been there for weeks we had been taken care of ourselves there been no incidents or police and they came in one of the most terrifying shows of force that i've ever seen in my entire life and they came in and they either flushed everyone out of the camp or arrested them and then they began to systematically trample all of the tents cut them apart and this new people are really really angry a former u.s. marine an iraq war veteran was seriously injured by a tear gas canister that police fired at him and. footage of the wounded veteran and police brutality spread quickly the shock of it galvanizing the nation and the occupy movement across the country. google says the company received requests from local law enforcement agencies to remove you tube videos of police brutality they did not comply the stronger of course of the response five establishment the
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stronger the movement will get the larger the protests will become the protesters through these past six weeks of being careful not to taint the movements reputation with violence by a march most reports suggest that this movement has been almost entirely peaceful but some in the u.s. media use the night of violence you know clinton to portray the protesters as radicals and more violence from the occupiers a lot of these people are professional educators a good number of these people are radicals no doubt about it you might ask how radical was this elderly woman in a wheelchair who was cured gassed by police or jasper father of two who's working on his ph d. at the university of california berkeley you know he characterized you know it's a big. perspective of the movement as the marjah. and radical fringe in order to destroy this movement really is about all americans it's not just about people that make a story we've been poor this is about now it's true the middle class that is
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starting to build the impact of corporate greed that has run this country for so long as the movement grows bigger and more structured it's becoming harder to ignore the message of the campaigners who call themselves the ninety nine percent and protest against corporate crime and government complicity protesters tens march through and throughout the country there will be more the movement is only expanding several weeks ago police crackdown on protesters with pepper spray this week it was carried gas and stun grenades protesters now want to hit big business where it hurts a general strike next week demanding banks and corporations shut down for a day but will the police response be an even more brutal crackdown i'm going to check our reporting from last r.t. . but to the head for you this russia's a cultural kingpin reopens. the bolshoi even if they've media
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peter lovers have been waiting for as moscow's landmark theater unveiled its first performance in six years after massive growth for a few months. to israel now where tens of thousands returned to the streets of turn of it to vent their anger over social inequality in the government spending policy that's less than two months since the country witnessed an initial wave of protests . their reports. last demonstration back in september and early september saw positive million people come to the streets in the country organizers was satisfied with that turnout and after that a lot of the protesters many of them are university students return to process and things that didn't take a little bit of it out that's ok now what we have seen is not only attention on what is happening internally fearful be israeli air force has also gone he strikes on something positive eleven people have been killed five of them who are members of the islamic jihad organization that is on hold for sponsible for
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a grad missile that was fired into israel earlier in the week be concern here though talking to people is that this story of social demonstrations will now be missed by many in the international community as a focuses on what is happening externally and certainly the mainstream international media is making a lot of what is going on gaza to the detriment of what is happening here and with me to talk about this is nicholas simmons who is one of the are so sure protesters nicolette why are you back on the streets hour after a two month. knesset the parliament is returning from its recess and we just hope that they'll reconsider their budgetary considerations the problem is being that the budgetary considerations of been about parties and politics they've been about losing the type who seem to control everything we want the budgetary considerations to pass it is just a general good of the country here in israel is very very important to realize we are not in economic recession a problem isn't that we don't have enough money problems that is being mismanaged
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the government decisions about what to do the money is bad but both it's not up for thirty when you hear the cries of people here and we need a slogan is the people demand of social justice people here saying that the government can do what it wants to attract attention but they certainly will not give up on what they say are very rigid timet demands force their records their. for more news exclusive footage and analysis of his no web site at r.t. dot com it's a brief look at what he meant by online right now the nationalist shadow looms over germany the country's leading right wing party calls with a new constitution well planned out why this thing this rhetoric seems to be corrupting support also online. one of the twentieth century's most notorious and get rich quick schemes is back despite the pyramid project wiping out the savings of millions in the past there are still plenty of investors and it's
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once again that mortality dot com. on monday website wiki leaks was forced to temporarily suspend operations its founder julian assange said the site would instead concentrate on an aggressive fundraising campaign to fight a financial blockade imposed american in banks and financial freeze came after the massive leak of secret u.s. diplomatic cables show the real often highly critical of foreign diplomats but also contain thousands of revelations about afghan and iraq campaigns and sanjay said cutting off the web sites funding is unknown for his going to fight it in court the president or national union of journalists written on their own says ending within weeks activities will simply encourage others to take its place. the docs have been taken outside of any legal process out of sight of any international political
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agreements yet they seem to be ability to shut down a website that some governments find troubling. it's it's very unclear exactly what the motivations what the power behind them and it is it's deeply unsettling because there were other very beginning of the situation questions about. attention members of the u.s. government had suggested or asked companies like amazon which was the first take action against wiki leaks because they were hosting the site and what they may have been asked by individuals within the u.s. government so. i was one of the issues is that there are really any rules regarding what companies can count or cannot do with their customers companies are generally entitled to reject customers if unfortunately wiki leaks was forced to close down that we would see other sides seeking to do the same kind of thing and getting around the restrictions of wiki leaks rights to. be central asian country of kurdistan is annexing its first president since the bloody uprising that toppled formerly known back here last spring the front runner is the country's former prime
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minister wealthy businessman who promises to bring stability and prosperity to the nation current interim leader dion but was not ready for the top job he's election single kurdistan's first transition to him government in april twenty ten least one thousand people were killed in the capital and young rest ousted back here. massive clashes in the south of the country that left more than four hundred people. but we forgot some other news from around the world. powerful explosion killed twenty nine people at a coal mine we've done province in central china five of the miners were rescued and one more made his escape to safety through an air shaft a state owned coal mines administration has not confirmed the cause of the blast. proving its safety record chinese mines remain among the most dangerous in the world. brazilian president louis enough to do the
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silver was diagnosed with throat cancer sixty six year old. treatment next week one of his doctors says the former president is in a very good condition and that his chances of a full recovery excellent his eight years of leadership saw brazil experience stable growth and unemployment rates that. a series of insurgent attacks in afghanistan have claimed at least twenty lives the taliban suicide bomber drove a truck with seven hundred kilograms of explosives into a nato convoy of foreign troops outside kabul in one of the country's south than an afghan military. coalition troops killing three the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attacks for suicide bombing government offices and you know . after six years of laborious restoration one of russia's greatest cultural institutions as we opened its doors to the public
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hundreds of millions have been spent in the bolshoi theater stage the ground returning of school friday night. was among those lucky enough to attend. just so we're made from scratch it seems hard on paper but appeared arduous in reality over seven hundred million dollars of state money and six years of work to bring back all people and send glory to russia's landmark paper even the president sighed with relief. it's been a painstaking process of going through this nightmare was not only the theorist company but also the government on the side construction workers. side workers were the first who the theatre's orchestra sang an ode to.
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a real truck driven on to the stage just showed the scale of renovation the theater underwent unesco has already taxed the works as unique the stage has doubled in size and not by growing wider the bolshoi has remained in its historical interest but by growing underground i think it's absolutely wise choice to drive would wish to pair with the new old. building and try to modernize it without making it a more and more than looking it is definitely not kilos of braided gold tons of crystal and hundreds of metres of silk woven by monks all setting the scene for some of the world's greatest beauties but. there is the way. to see all right. here. is what is the word bolshoi associated with in the us today is this
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a ballet. this is a. this a chandelier. that credible sensibly. and of course this is a russia to see the stage with old soviet symbols now removed came the last president of the u.s.s.r. gorbachev bell a legend maya p.c.'s there as well as directors from the competition world class values including a scholar the vienna and cotton garden precious opening night tickets of the wealthy and well connected only were exclusively available for the president's office and for others get to watch in the chilly autumn and the opening night show gala concert was displayed on giant t.v. screens. and as the curtain came down the cheers so bravo from all sides could be heard ringing inside be renovated restore it will show it in the backyard of
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art moscow. it's good to see it back well coming up find out why a body has turned into a rather well as a building destinations for female sex tourists first they are going to have us just said it's. those who are fascinated with history. to those who have
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a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without the sky. and of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. between earth and the sky. is easy. to. see.

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